25 Tips  To Double Your Website Conversion Rate!


You own an online brand, and scratch your head wondering what else you can do to increase your sales. 

You think your site is ok, but sales are tough to get. 

What if I told you that instead of driving more traffic to your site, you could double your sales using this checklist?!



Check out some of the incredible results my clients have achieved with these strategies:

Debra | Lucy Jean

Debra from Lucy Jean doubled her conversion rate, tripled her website sales revenue, and created new collaboration partnerships. 

Mel | Petal and Wood

Mel from Petal and Wood has more than doubled her sales and significantly increased her number of wholesale clients. 

Sarah | Sara Skin

Sarah from Sara Skin has had a 64% increase in sales revenue, traffic increase of 87%, average order value up by 18%, and a returning customer rate increase of 53%. 

I'm Lisa Laing

I’m a serial entrepreneur and E-commerce Expert, living the life of freedom running my brands from my laptop, and I’m obsessed with all things digital, e-com and automation!

Over the last 13 years, I’ve built 7 companies, 3 of which are multimillion dollar enterprises. I’ve won a Telstra business award and am now on their judging panel. My biggest business success is the world's most eco friendly nappy brand, Ecoriginals, based on a subscription online model and is now sold around the world.

This checklist is packed with 25 juicy tips and tricks to double your conversion rate and help boost sales on your store!



""You feel stuck and a little unsure and know there is a way out, but you can't find the door to unlock it. Well Lisa is the girl to not only give you the key, she will give you the goddamned roadmap and the Ferrari! Best investment I've ever spent on my business so far! I don't just get gold nuggets from Lisa's content and advice, I get gold boulders!!!" 




"Absolutely love being part of the E-commerce Academy by Lisa. Lisa will work above and beyond to help you with your business. She is full of unique ideas and strategies that you can use to scale or grow. Not only that you also become a part of a community who will help you too and guide you. I highly recommend her course."




""I've only been working for Lisa for a short period of time but the difference she's already made to my business is amazing. I signed up with Lisa because I loved her no BS approach & strategic thinking. I've worked with many 'business coaches' before who have been great cheerleaders but haven't been great at applying logic. Lisa is pushing my business to the next level. Best investment my business has made!"



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25 value-packed tips and tricks to help you boost your store's conversion rate, increase sales and make more money.



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